Exploring the open side of the FPGAs

Free Software

You can use, study, distribute and improve our code, always released under GPL

Open Hardware

Our boards and hardware description modules are Open and created with Open Tools

Technological Heritage

All our work belongs to everybody and is part of the Technological Heritage


Index of projects developed with Open Source FPGAs

Open FPGA board for makers

Open FPGA board for makers

Graphic editor for open FPGAs

Icestudio Collection with Constants

Icestudio block collection

Icestudio Collection to drive LCDs

Icestudio Collection for standard I/O

Icestudio Collection for virtual components

Linking Of Virtual Electronics to FPGAs

Icestudio block factory

Icestudio Collection with Memory blocks

Web Serial Terminal

Web Serial Toggle Button

Z80 CPU for Icestudio

32-bits RISC-V for Icestudio

Minimal CPU that runs SwapForth

Micro-ecosystem for open FPGAs

Development IDE for open FPGAs

Educational CPU in Verilog

Apollo CPU in Verilog

PlatformIO support for open FPGAs

LED peripheral for the IceZUM Alhambra

Button for the IceZUM Alhambra

3D support for the IceZUM Alhambra

Switch for the IceZUM Alhambra

Hacking and examples of use

FPGA educational Printbot

Cherry-mx switch for the Alhambra board


Learn about Opensource FPGAs

A trip inside FPGAs

Digital electronics for makers

Technical notes about Open Source FPGAs

Practical course on RISC-V

Introduction to Verilog language

Solving logic puzzles with FPGAs


Remember the workshops we have done

ETSII, UPM - Reset, 28 Oct 2016

Museo Domus Coruña, 05 Nov 2016

La Molinera, 20 Dec 2016

ETS Ingenieria, UAL, 24 Feb 2017

Fablab VLC, UPV, 4 Mar 2017

Hacklab-UPM, ETSIDI, 14 Mar 2017

ETSII, UPM - Reset, 30 Mar 2017

Summer course, UC - July 6th 2017

ETSIT, URJC - Robotech, Oct 2019

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Find all the information about our talks

ETSIIT, Universidad de Granada, 23 Sep 2016

Medialab-Prado Madrid, 24 Sep 2016

UC3M Madrid, 24 Oct 2016

Museo Domus Coruña, 05 Nov 2016

URJC Fuenlabrada, 09 Nov 2016

Open space Bilbao, 18 Nov 2016

La Molinera, 20 Dec 2016

ETSIDI, UPM, 09 Feb 2017

ETS Ingenieria, UAL, 24 Feb 2017

Fablab VLC, UPV, 4 Mar 2017

IES Jesus Marín, April 27th 2017

IES Juan de la Cierva, May 5th 2017

Murcia Meetup, May 20th 2017

Fuerteventura, Jun 1st 2017

URJC, Sep-2019

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Meet the team members

Juan González (Obijuan)

R&D Engineer

Jesús Arroyo Torrens

R&D Engineer

Eladio Delgado

R&D Engineer

Andrés Prieto-Moreno

R&D Engineer

Carlos Venegas Arrabe (cavearr)

R&D Engineer


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